minecraft shaders pe 17

minecraft shaders pe 17

(Though turning sensitivity on is working) good work though and keep it up I hope it becomes as good as the pc version and a bit more supprotive with lag. I’ve been waiting for this shader your shade is so beautiful, the blocks are invisible in the shaders does not appear on the map. I dont want zip file but when i download the ultra shaders it gives me a zip file oh come on tell me whats goung on here!! After all, let’s say that one game has more features than one just like it, but that game also has terrible fps and can easily crash no matter what. There’s nothing at all!!

I hope you read this. This makes life great I have a iPhone 5s small medium or ultra??? Hey I have a question can u add an update that contains some of your pc shader features like the shader and the torch giving off light when u hold it?

Minecraft PE Texture Packs; Subscribe Subscribe to notifications. THIS IS A SEUS PE SHADER which is fake. But I think the player shadow looks a little weird, and I know it doesn’t support moving shadows, please make a version that doesn’t replace the player shadow with the weird one.

!Plz Help I’m Even At 1.02 btw! How could I fix it? Expectations: Low:less lag, no waving leaves, bushes etc., no reflection while raining Is it possible to put 2 texture packs at once? Can u make this compatible with xbox plz? IPHONE12, It worked but its worse than minecraft texture.

Remember, these are texture packs, not mods. Any explanation? The waving leaves decrease the fps mostly when you try to look at it but besides I really love this shader! +I am on version 1.1 the newest minecraft pe version, Also,the sky looks like a sky but its trapped in a box Downloads it but doesn’t appear on global resources. Published on April 28, 2020 (Updated on October 25, 2020). Hi im just downloaded it and import it to mcpe and nothing happens.i mean the shader doesnt work.same things go through water.is there anything im missing. But it’s really cool the leaves are waving (Including The Ferns) like the PC version, I Love It .. When I go into the inventory and go equip armor, Everything is all black except 1/4 of the body. I just need the vanilla minecraft for certain reasons. ), The underwater lightning thing really lagging out my game, is there anyway to delete that and also there’s some weird dark thing just glitching on the blocks when i’m playing, can you fix that as well ? Please fix it! In fact, i downloaded MCPE just for this shader! I really love this shaders. Depending on the size of the command or Text will decide how long the command will take to paste, so give it a minute.

The water isn’t working but everything else is.Why won’t the water work? Please tell me which is better for Samsung galaxy kids Tablet? The windows 10 edition is 1.10 now.

Plz im begging you to make it for Win10. It’s actually a tweaked version of Chocapic13’s Shaders, scaling that style down to work on less powerful hardware. I got the medium one then realized my phone can handle the ultra, but now I try to download the ultra and it won’t work. I used this alongside the Faithful texture pack. it DOES NOT work on windows 10 can you even read bruh, it works….

It still maintains the style of vanilla Minecraft, but it makes everything look a whole lot prettier.

Does it work for 0.17.0 / 1.0 ?

Well, maybe in a world where minecraft bedrock edition didn’t have raytracing idiot. I really enjoy them. They need to make Windows 10 work!!! Also why no Windows 10? You made this, you think you’re perfect. I am trying to install a shaders pack but it just takes me to another page filled with numbers and symbols. Bruh I have a OnePlus 5 and the shader does not work! It literally only makes the sun round. But though this shaders pack is beautiful.

I’m on an IPad Air 2 new release please help me here.

(͔▪̆ω▪̆) ͕. : Not sure if it’s a bug or just me but I applied the shader and it looks amazing but in my world if you go deep enough underground the shader stops working and it goes back to the original lighting. If it isn’t for v1.0.8 please make a version for that, I really want to use these shaders. Everything is invincible on iphone 6s. – Not possible, PC only. – Ui Changes???? I think the shader brightness calls the glichy trees. adfly is the worst I cannot download anything with it, After you skip the ad on adfly, you’ll see httpes://www. Deleted the other two and left only ultra, works amazing the water is astonishing!

This is one of the best MCPE texture packs for IOS and Android. Why the ultra version doesn’t have any detail? The leaves are really glitchy on my device, and the End Portal looks weird. In 1.5, it was going strong, and working smoothly. sun,moon and clouds work but everything else doesnt.

Think about that when someone makes mistakes and you want to say something rude about them. Creator: Gabriel Paixão, Twitter Account It looks really good at day time but at night time it’s really dark even with lights.

But there is only ONE tiny bitty problem that really bothers me, shadow of YOURELF. . Please help! Please give this a try I promise you won’t be disappointed. Use this guide: http://mcpedl.com/uninstall-addons-texture-packs-maps-ios/. Pls fix !!! http://mcpedl.com/uninstall-addons-texture-packs-maps-ios/. 2: even though I have a high-end device, there is constant lag when I break blocks so mabey remove something or make it look not as good.

The water hasn’t changed its color or is wavy water. SEUSPE es de los mejores, el problema es que ya no lo actualizan. Also can we get a windows 10 please! But what mode should i choose? Nighttime especially looks really great, but you’ll definitely need torches or glowstone to see through the pitch darkness.

Shadows don’t move based on positioning of the sun and moon, and many shadows look like they don’t belong at all.

I’m using samsung galaxy tab 3v…and when i downloaded na texture pack my minecraft became laggy and the water is not waving…plz tell me how to fix it…, Whenever I turn off fancy graphics it works but the sky doesnt, Dude this is my fav shader for mcpe , keep up the good work ^_^.

Hey can someone help me ?, I download this shader but the water doesn’t move or has a wave the grass and leaf also stay still while others video say the it move please can somene tell me how to fix this?? ?, if not, pls make a version for win10, Is it work in 1.5+??? Without this mod, you will not be able to use shaders in Minecraft. Do someone has a shader link with no lag plz. •moving leaves

Sometimes this makes my torches go back to the normal light. Only one texture that has changed witch is snow!!! 3.) Please help. Would have been nice if the soul torches, camps and lanters emite blue light.

I can’t move my screen, or touch anything except backing out… NEED HELP, I’m yet to still find a shaders pack that works in Windows 10 edition. I tried all 3 packs and nothing worked. Karma’s coming for you (it already came to you). Plz answer why on SAMSUNG GT-N5100 the water reflections is glitching! – Not possible (maybe) because it says for pe, This is literally the best mcpe shaders I’ve tried. It’s a beautiful pack in the pictures; however, I use Win10. Then Minecraft gives me a message that says it crashed. So I down graded to 1.4 so the shader can work again. And if so, when will it be available?

If you want the best possible graphics for Minecraft, then look no further than Continuum Shaders.

any suggestions on what should I do Gabriel? That happens to me too. I have NO idea how much work have gone into creating this fantastic looking shader – And I have NO idea how much work it would take to make it win10 PE compatible. Start a new game or load an old one.

Ultra: crash If you did please review and post.

Thanks, These shaders are ok, they’re just overwhelmingly bright, Hello ✌ I got the low pack and it crashed my game?!!!!!!! Even most pcs don’t. Its not like The Creator Is Gonna Care about Your Dumb Comment I noticed that when I go to my inventory that my skin doesn’t show in the armor section. Ahhh.. this shader’s great and all, but the comments are just.. PHENOMENAL, AWFUL!

Gorgeous lighting, realistic water, and better shadows combine to give Minecraft an incredible facelift. BSL Shaders doesn’t deviate too much from the visual style of vanilla Minecraft, but sometimes you don’t need a drastic change. The orange illumination disapears and the default illumination appears. It won’t let me use it in version 1.0.7, can you be able to fix that please? The nether is really really dark. Or is there an easy fix in the code to allow windows 10? Noooooooo!!!! I just want everything to be working correctly with the proper setting on. I am going to try it tomorrow and if I remember I will update my comment. Creators pls help me! Y los paquetes de pc no sirven para mcpe, y viceversa.

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